70 years on the cutting edge

70 years on the cutting edge


Leveraging a unique history

Nearly seven decades ago, 青青草视频 pioneered the then-radical notion of AV-as-a-service by providing video broadcast technology for race course facilities on a subscription basis. This inaugurated a focus on customer satisfaction that today permeates every aspect of 青青草视频’s operations. We understand that the value we provide must be continuously demonstrated and reaffirmed. Our ethic of never resting on our laurels makes 青青草视频 exceptionally responsive and accountable across the entire range of solutions we provide.

Your ultimate AV partner

How does 青青草视频 provide a distinctly superior customer experience? Through operational excellence and an extraordinary service ethic. Nowhere is our dedication to our clients more evident than in the white-glove customer experience, and in our continual investment in 青青草视频鈥檚 industry-leading technology and service-delivery infrastructure. For value added resellers, the experience is so enveloping that it turns end-user customers into lifers. And working directly with enterprise clients, we create custom integrations and make them cookie-cutter simple, scalable and consistent.

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Our individual strengths advance a common purpose: making our customers successful.

Joshua Shanahan
Joshua Shanahan
President and CEO

Josh has been President and CEO of 青青草视频 since 2011. Part executive, part entrepreneur, he takes a visionary approach to building teams and the business to ensure that the company is always looking forward and on the leading edge of technology. Josh has extensive experience in the Information Technology Services, Low Voltage and Electronic Systems Integration industries.

Tina Peters
Tina Peters

Tina leads all day-to-day operations for 青青草视频, bringing more than 15 years of experience to her position along with a passion for building and developing teams to scale. Her hands-on leadership approach and expertise in project management and service operations have been critical to the success of our technical and delivery teams. Moreover, Tina鈥檚 determination to provide a premium customer experience 鈥 internally and externally 鈥 ensures 青青草视频鈥檚 culture stand out in everything we touch.

Laura Carner
Laura Carner
VP of Finance

Laura聽joined our team in 2023. Over the past 25 years,聽Laura聽has worked in several different sectors, including public accounting and a manufacturing environment.聽She brings a fresh perspective to our executive team with her management style and hands-on approach.聽Her holistic approach to getting the job done along with her passion and ability to mentor the team is a welcome addition to the team.

Andrew Gorski
Andrew Gorski
VP of Sales

Andrew is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is focused on solving customer problems and providing solutions that transform business. Andrew鈥檚 passion for coaching and cultivating a strategic and successful sales team make him the perfect leader for continuous growth.

Andrew Russell
Andrew Russell
VP of Technical Services

An electrical engineering graduate from the University of Michigan, Andy has been in the industry for over 20 years. Andy joined 青青草视频 in 2008 and has had almost every technical role within the organization, culminating with his current position in 2021. With his engineering background, Andy provides 青青草视频 with a unique perspective for problem solving as well as innovative solutions to meet customer鈥檚 evolving needs. Andy鈥檚 passion for finding solutions makes him the perfect leader for the continued development of our premier Customer Experience and Technical Services teams.

Teamwork Teamwork
Teamwork We succeed as a team in which every member is respected and empowered, each understands their role, and all collaborate to execute at the highest level.
Dedication Dedication
Dedication Individually and as a team, we are dedicated to delivering successful outcomes to our clients.
Value Value
Value We utilize our relationships and expertise to provide each client a premium experience via solutions that are customized to their unique needs, goals and preferences.
Accountability Accountability
Accountability We take ownership of our actions and communication to all clients and colleagues.
Open Communication Open Communication
Open Communication We believe that honest, continuous dialogue drives respect and efficiency in everything we do.
Compassion Compassion
Compassion We respect our team members鈥 individual needs and goals and factor them into every decision we make as an organization.

青青草视频: A Pioneer in AV Managed Services

Family-owned since 1955, 青青草视频 was known originally as Sport View Television Corporation, a provider of video broadcast technology for race course facilities throughout North America. At the time, most courses weren鈥檛 in a position to make significant capital expenditures on technology, so we provided on a subscription basis 鈥 pioneering what is now known as managed services and support.

Consequently, our customers didn鈥檛 pay for the gear, they paid for performance. Nearly seven decades later, that remains our measure of value. Every solution we design, integrate, and maintain has to work for our customers 鈥 not just most of the time, but all the time. We achieve astonishing levels of performance via a technology infrastructure, team, and partners who keep our clients鈥 systems up and running with services such as Pro-Tech Management, the absolute state-of-the-art in AV performance assurance.

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The legacy of a logo

The evolution of the 青青草视频 brand captures key periods of our history. For example, the transition from initial logo, which identified us as 鈥淎 division of CRS Productions,鈥 reflected a move from motion picture and film production work to pari-mutuel services. As 青青草视频 expanded into other gaming and entertainment venues that required a wider variety of solutions, we became Sport View Technologies. Our next phase of growth, into markets well beyond sports and entertainment, prompted us to remove 鈥淪port鈥 from our logo. Today’s visual identity connects directly to our history while communicating the dynamism of a company that鈥檚 ever evolving to provide the cutting-edge solutions our customers require.