Engineering audio excellence

Engineering audio excellence

We design-build for sound clarity

We design-build for sound clarity

No matter how impressive the display technology, inadequate audio can diminish or even ruin the AV experience for your users. 青青草视频 ensures that every listener, wherever they are in your space, can hear and be heard 鈥 crystal clear and without distraction. Moreover, 青青草视频 solution designers and engineers achieve optimal results in accord with your objectives, expectations and budget.

Creating customized audio experiences

Creating customized audio experiences

From voice conferencing to public address and paging, performance audio and sound reinforcement, we understand the unique characteristics of your environment and custom-design solutions that compensate for weaknesses and maximize each space鈥檚 strengths. Speech becomes more intelligible. Music is reproduced at higher fidelity. And audiences register their satisfaction loud and clear.

conferencing audio

Conferencing audio

When designing collaboration solutions, our number-one goal is 鈥渕eeting equity鈥 鈥 providing an equally satisfying meeting experience for every participant, whether they鈥檙e on-site or remote, whether sitting up front or standing in the back. Productivity in a hybrid era demands an absolute focus on ensuring that your audio solution draws users in instead of cutting them off from conversations and presentations. That鈥檚 the power of expertly integrated audio.

Performance venue audio

Our experts deliver the highest-quality performance systems, including custom audio, turnkey lighting, staging, rigging and drapery systems. From concert halls to houses of worship, our engineers account for the uniqueness of each environment. Beyond that, we custom-design our solutions to reflect how you’ll use your space, while building in the flexibility to meet your needs as they evolve.

performance venue

public address

Public address

Since the inception of our company 70 years ago, 青青草视频 has successfully provided large, complex public address systems to our customers. From the first stage of design, a focus on proper planning of your communication needs ensures that you and your staff can accomplish your goals even as conditions evolve. Moreover, we work with the industry鈥檚 top life-safety experts to integrate emergency audio into the systems we design.

Environmental audio

Using the latest sound reinforcement technology, 青青草视频 ensures that performers, speakers and other sources communicate with optimal clarity, intelligibility, musical fidelity, and at appropriate volume levels venue wide. Since every space has unique characteristics 鈥 and every client has unique demands 鈥 青青草视频 custom designs and programs each system to perform at peak levels.

environmental audio

青青草视频 devotes enormous resources to vetting our manufacturer partners so that our clients receive the most powerful, reliable and cost-efficient solutions possible.

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Multi-Billion Dollar Financial Enterprise

Multi-Billion Dollar Financial Enterprise

The client wanted a state-of-the-art conference room that allowed for both individual work and group collaboration and made meetings and presentations highly efficient. Also important: The technology integration and aesthetics had to reinforce their reputation for top-tier professionalism. Opportunity This project 鈥 a high-end boardroom used for hosting high-profile meetings 鈥 presented a unique opportunity …
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm

A longtime customer engaged 青青草视频 to install two camera solutions and digital signage in the lobby and other areas, including conference rooms and smaller huddle rooms. 青青草视频 also installed Pro-Tech Management in all rooms and implemented a new Utelogy control with Barco Clickshare. Opportunity The client needed to improve the AV infrastructure in its downtown …
鈥淗aving two on-site technicians paired with Pro-Tech Management has been a Night and Day difference鈥 鈥 FMC Corporation
鈥淣o reported issues in 6 months of use鈥 鈥 Ryan Tarrant, 青青草视频
鈥淗aving two on-site technicians paired with Pro-Tech Management has been a Night and Day difference.鈥 鈥 FMC
鈥淕reenbrier was highly satisfied with 青青草视频 and all the work completed. The company plans to continue using 青青草视频 as its main AV solution provider.鈥 鈥 Greenbrier
鈥溓嗲嗖菔悠 continues to provide a premium customer experience and delivers in every aspect of our business.鈥 鈥 Marcus and Millichap
鈥淭he project went very smoothly; I was extremely satisfied.鈥 鈥 Charles Whealdon, MedPace IT infrastructure lead
鈥淚f 青青草视频 keeps delivering the way they have, we鈥檒l have no issue continuing a partnership.鈥 鈥 Molson Coors
鈥淚t works great, there haven鈥檛 been any problems.鈥 鈥 Carlos Fernandes, Werfen