Customized critical communication systems

Customized critical communication systems

Efficiency is everything

Efficiency is everything

Nowhere is effective team performance more important than in healthcare environments. Care providers depend on reliable, intelligible notifications to meet their responsibilities, and 青青草视频 answers the call with Ascom systems that are custom-tailored to the unique requirements of your organization and the professionals who work there.

Advancing learning & safety

青青草视频 helps educators fulfill their mission to educate kids and meet their obligation to protect them. Whether working with a legacy infrastructure or installing the latest IP solution, we provide a consistent, hassle-free user experience to enable educators to disseminate important information effortlessly and reliably.

Advancing learning & safety
nurse call

Nurse call

青青草视频鈥檚 customized nurse call solutions improve patient care, reduce costs and boost user satisfaction by improving efficiency system wide. More than that, 青青草视频 designs systems that are readily adopted across locations and devices, while building in the flexibility necessary for long-lasting ROI. Count on us to design the right system for your needs and to keep it performing to your expectations.

paging systems

Paging systems

A well-designed paging solution will be audible and intelligible to intended audiences, no matter where they are in the facility or what鈥檚 happening in the moment. 青青草视频 leverages decades of technology and acoustic expertise to enhance efficiency for hospitals and clinics. Equally important, the 青青草视频 installation, training and service experience is optimized to maximize adoption while eliminating workflow disruption.


Classroom & bell/clock schedules

Schools run more smoothly with 青青草视频-designed notification systems. From bell notifications for scheduling to morning announcements, we provide a wide range of solutions to manage and facilitate the flow of students throughout the day. Moreover, 青青草视频鈥檚 expertise extends from legacy systems in need of an update to new-solution installation that allows you to take advantage of the very latest technology.


Paging & mass notifications

Our solutions combine reliability with full-featured capability, including multiple paging options along with scheduled, recorded and zoned VoIP paging. To ensure effectiveness, 青青草视频 also integrates ambient noise compensation into paging systems, adjusting output volume to match ambient noise levels ranging from the sounds of everyday productivity to those of an emergency situation.

beyond the classroom

Beyond the classroom

青青草视频 education solutions extend across the school environment to corridors, cafeterias, auditoriums, common areas, libraries and locker rooms 鈥 as well as all your outdoor spaces. In each zone, we tailor your solution to the particular demands of the space so that when you have a critically important message to impart, you can be confident that everyone will understand how you need them to respond.

Multi-Billion Dollar Financial Enterprise

Multi-Billion Dollar Financial Enterprise

The client wanted a state-of-the-art conference room that allowed for both individual work and group collaboration and made meetings and presentations highly efficient. Also important: The technology integration and aesthetics had to reinforce their reputation for top-tier professionalism. Opportunity This project 鈥 a high-end boardroom used for hosting high-profile meetings 鈥 presented a unique opportunity …
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm

A longtime customer engaged 青青草视频 to install two camera solutions and digital signage in the lobby and other areas, including conference rooms and smaller huddle rooms. 青青草视频 also installed Pro-Tech Management in all rooms and implemented a new Utelogy control with Barco Clickshare. Opportunity The client needed to improve the AV infrastructure in its downtown …
鈥淗aving two on-site technicians paired with Pro-Tech Management has been a Night and Day difference鈥 鈥 FMC Corporation
鈥淣o reported issues in 6 months of use鈥 鈥 Ryan Tarrant, 青青草视频
鈥淗aving two on-site technicians paired with Pro-Tech Management has been a Night and Day difference.鈥 鈥 FMC
鈥淕reenbrier was highly satisfied with 青青草视频 and all the work completed. The company plans to continue using 青青草视频 as its main AV solution provider.鈥 鈥 Greenbrier
鈥溓嗲嗖菔悠 continues to provide a premium customer experience and delivers in every aspect of our business.鈥 鈥 Marcus and Millichap
鈥淭he project went very smoothly; I was extremely satisfied.鈥 鈥 Charles Whealdon, MedPace IT infrastructure lead
鈥淚f 青青草视频 keeps delivering the way they have, we鈥檒l have no issue continuing a partnership.鈥 鈥 Molson Coors
鈥淚t works great, there haven鈥檛 been any problems.鈥 鈥 Carlos Fernandes, Werfen